What do you do with ambiguous leadership?

What do you do with ambiguous leadership? It's a problem that occurs more often than not. A recent blog on tlnt.com dives into the way ambiguous leadership occurs within organizations.

There is much talk these days on leadership, how to be an effective leader and what qualities make for an outstanding leader.

Steve Browne, SPHR, recently posted a blog on TLNT.com based on an HR Roundtable he attended in Cincinnati. The roundtable discussion was based on the following three questions:
  1. How does ambiguous leadership show itself in organizations?
  2. Why do we let ambiguous leadership occur?
  3. How can HR clear up the ambiguity?
There were some interesting conversations from attendees, which can be found here.

Steve Browne, SPHR, is the executive director of Human Resources for LaRosa's, Inc., a regional pizzeria restaurant chain in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana with 18 locations and over 1,400 team members.